Tomislav Pokrajčić (HR) General Treatment

installation, 2009

In a fun and discomforting manner, the installation deals with the position of the individual in the contemporary democratic system. The fact that you can vote for your leaders does not mean that you are enabled to change the model in which the system functions. Particularly with respect to the distribution of economic goods.

Does this mean that democracy in its current state of evolution is just one great come-on and is there at all any publicly accessible mechanism for the redefinition of democracy? For it to be reframed into a profound, participative democracy that would also cover the economy?

Do you have a powerful feeling that the elected government does everything it can to serve your interests and do you use any corrective mechanisms when you feel this is not the case? Do you have any effective recourse to hand at all?

Can your desire for better quality health services, a better model of education and a cleaner environment at all match someone else’s wish for profit made through manipulation of the public budget and preferential treatment for polluting industry?

Try to keep a smile on your face while you read the following concepts: “government, holding, supervisory board, bank, member of parliament, parking fine, the prime minister, minister, coalition partner, opposition, speaker, 65 million kunas, a manager in a state-owned corporation, special tax law...”

Does this feeling have any associations for you?

Tomislav Pokrajčić (HR)

Tomislav Pokrajčić is a long-term member of Kontejner, a graduate computer engineer and a lover of machines, interactive systems and concepts of the visualisation of data. He is engaged on the DIYARTLAB project that encourages the development of art practice at the intersection of science and technology.