Afroditi Psarra (GR) Lilytronica

sound performance w/ DIY electronic embroidery

performance & artist talk

Lilytronica, a project inspired by DIY electronics, pop culture, and folk tradition. A DIY hand-made electronic embroidery and in the form of a sound performance is based on live improvisation through the use of embroidered synthesizers with LilyPad Arduino microcontrollers, sensors and actuators embedded into fabric. The primitive digital quality of the square-wave sounds and the fragile and glitchprone nature of the electronic embroideries, reference the DIY character of e-textile experimentation. The dynamic, intensive performance and the intrinsic aspect of the work results from the contradiction created between the “soft” interfaces of the embroidered instruments and the loud and immersive soundscape that they produce, as well as through the art of embroidery and knitting as crafts generally associated with female labour and reinventing and reinterpreting the craft through technology. The design of the instrument is aesthetically inspired by popular electronic instruments, like, the 80s legendary drum machine Roland TR-909, as well as, the Microkorg and the Korg Monotron synthesizers, but this reference to actual instruments is purely visual: Afroditi Psarra's electronic embroideries remain sonically unique.

organizers: Culture Development Association “URK” + Mochvara Club & KONTEJNER | bureau of contemporary art praxis, & Music Showroom – Culture of Change at the Student Centre Zagreb
curators of Mochvara Gallery: KONTEJNER | Ena Hodžić, Ivana Jelača & Tereza Teklić
technical team: Andrija Santro & Hrvoje Horvat
media partners: H-alter, Kulturpunkt, Radio Student
supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City of Zagreb - Municipal Office for Education, Culture and Sport

Afroditi Psarra (GR)

Afroditi Psarra (1982), a Greek multidisciplinary artist and currently a PhD candidate in the field of Image, Technology and Design. Her work explores the boundaries between folk tradition and handicrafts, creative coding and sonic experimentation. Her artworks include a wide variety of media, from electronic embroideries and wearables to interactive installations and sound performances. She has presented her work in festivals like Amber, Istanbul; Piksel, Bergen; Transmediale and CTM, Berlin; Electropixel, Nantes and MakerFaire Rome. She finished an internship at Disney Research in Zurich.


20—23 h

Pogon Jedinstvo (Zagreb)