Beat Busters Crew (HR) Beat Busters 2.0

interactive performance

BEAT BUSTERS 2.0., an interactive sound performance; the result of a long lasting work of a collective comprised of audio enthusiasts working together on different projects, primarily presenting live performances of electronic music in an unconventional way spiced up by beatbusting. In the 2.0 version, the Busters extract sounds from their suits ̶ only this time they do it wirelessly, and with the production help from Mochvara Gallery. The Beat Busters have upgraded their white interactive suits and will show them to the audiences in a fresh, premiere edition. While formerly they presented the suits connected to the sampler by cables in the performance Beatbusting sensors, new wireless sensors integrated in the upgraded suits enable undisturbed movements and beatbusting among the audience. Besides samples, the Busters explore sound characteristics of things surrounding us and compile spontaneous improvised music ̶ interactive and unconstrained, wireless for the very first time.

production support: Mochvara Gallery
technical support: Dalibor Gašić
suit design: Marina Šikić

Beat Busters Crew (HR)

Beat Busters Crew, electronic musicians hidden under white forensic suits, active on the live electronic musical scene in bands such as Toboga, Less Than A Minute and Chi. Dub step producer Egoless is responsible for the selection of samples they use in their performances. Some of the recordings of the performances can be found on-line under Maroon beatbusting, Beatbusting Car, Beatbusting Musical Academy. They have performed at many festival and events, among others Springfestival in Graz (AT), Breakthrough! festival and Gričevanje in Zagreb, and Terraneo in Šibenik.



20—23 h

Mochvara Club (Zagreb)