Strotter Inst. (CH), Strøm (CH), Flo Kaufmann - Bricolage Universel (CH) [untitled]

sound performances

Swiss sound artists Strotter Inst., Strøm (Gaudenz Badrutt i Christian Müller) and Flo Kaufmann – FloKa are presenting three different performances in Mochvara Gallery. The common denominator of their performances is sound with an expressive avant-garde feeling – sound inspired by ironic dadaist jesting with musical conventions; a brutal sound which transforms noise into a meditative soundscape; sound for which the difference between instrument and installation becomes "Inst.", insignificant; sound as a soundtrack for a SF movie you never watched: a cocktail of sounds shaken from 2/3 of avant-garde classics and 1/3 of experimental rock laced with a pinch of purple pop-roar. Four artists in three performances manipulate with sound on an optical and auditive level, and the sound experience is even more magnified with a visually over saturated space – Strotter's object/instrument devices and self-playing mix desks; Strøm's doepfer oscillators, modular systems and stompbox circuits; FloKa's absurd and bizarre Staubsauger, Typosynth and Sequenz16 instruments. It's three half an hour portions of pure avant-garde electronic sex appeal for the first early autumn sense awakening at Mochvara Gallery.

organizers: Udruženje za razvoj kulture “URK” + Klub Močvara & KONTEJNER | biro suvremene umjetničke prakse
concept: KONTEJNER
curators of Mochvara Gallery: KONTEJNER | Ena Hodžić, Ivana Jelača & Tereza Teklić
supported by: Ministary of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, Grad Zagreb - Gradski ured za obrazovanje, kulturu i šport

Strotter Inst. (CH)

Strotter Inst. is the soloproject by Christoph Hess from Switzerland. Since 1999 he creates music through the use of old, modified, Lenco turntables which he modifies and manipulates in countless ways. Rubber bands are affixed to the rotating turntable and plucked by the stylus,
records have tape affixed in patterns to create textural rhythms, electrical current is sent via live wires to the needle to create pulsing feedback. These sounds are then manipulated by Strotter
Inst. through effects pedals to create warm and dense sound structures, looping, rumbling rhythms and multilayered broken beats. The music of Strotter Inst. has more in common with the anti-electronica of Pan Sonic or the early minimalism of Steve Reich, than to other experimental turntablists like eRikm, Philip Jeck or Christian Marclay. Strotter Inst.' roots are not in improvised music, but in industrial culture, the electronic avantgarde and electro-acoustic composition. Strotter Inst. is also a member of post-industrial band, Herpes Ö DeLuxe (since 1995). He has collaborated live with Sudden Infant, Maja Ratkje and others. Strotter Inst. has performed throughout Europe, China, Russia, United States and Bolivia.

Strøm (CH)

Strøm is a duo made up of Gaudenz Badrutt and Christian Müller. The Siamese twins from Bienne improvise on various electronic devices, computer and synthesizer in digital state space. Deformed by their classical formation they play the instruments not only in a common way.
Their conjoined bodies are traversed and sparked by the alternating current of two minds; their music takes an unpredictable course, now flowing gently, glowing like lava, then interrupted by the occasional eruption, allowing the flow to change its course according to the spatial possibilities presented and breaking the flow down into sub-streams of sounds, allowing it to swell back to its original size. Strøm exists since 2000, performed throughout Europe, at
festivals like Norberg Festival (Sweden), Taktlos Bern (Switzerland), Transmediale 09 Berlin and has collaborated with Hans Koch, Clayton Thomas, Burkhard Beins, FM Einheit, Jacques Demierre, Norbert Möslang and others.

Flo Kaufmann - Bricolage Universel (CH)

Flo Kaufmann - Bricolage Universel - lives and works in Solothurn, Switzerland as "bricoleur universal" mainly interested in electronic experimental music, sound and video installations.
Flo Kaufmann basically deals with and concentrates on technological stranded goods. He rearrages them in installations, objects and instruments. Vacuum cleaners that were called to be waste or mechanic typewriters match with self-made circuits and become idiosyncratic instruments. Being never really finished but always re-arrangeable they are part of Flo Kaufmanns flying electromechanic sound laboratory. "Whether you call it just work, music, or art, there are two main lines in my work; technology, and the alteration of simple things to
create complex objects."


20—23 h

Mochvara Club (Zagreb)