Peter Kutin is an Austrian musician, instrument builder and filmmaker working with lights and electronics. His kinetic instrument Torso received the golden Nica at the Ars Electronica festival in 2019. Collaborations include electronic music pioneer Christina Kubisch, renowned filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter and drummer Katharina Ernst.

Fridge Brandy seems to be a Welsh singer, producer and improviser. In 2017 she was given a PRS Oram Award for Innovative Female Musicians. As a regular performer in the free music scene since 2013 she has collaborated with many improvisers including Rhodri Davies, Eugene Chadbourne, John Bowers to name only a few.

Lukas König is an Austrian drummer and experimental percussionist, employing electronics along with his cymbal. Collaborations include Moor Mother, Shahzad Ismaily, Audrey Chen, Julien Deprez and many more.