Andrej J. Jug (SI)

I am thirty years old, and study philosophy and the sociology of culture. In addition I am into psychoanalysis. I read books from social and natural sciences. In brief, all things that have forced me to think about myself and the position that other people put me in because of my physical disability. Since I talk with people a lot, I have the privilege of being able to observe their fears. Perhaps the least marked but then the most effective is the fear I was the only one in Slovenia to dare to talk of. Years earlier I had spoken out and said: OK, if you can’t love me, then at least provide me with a decent sex life. That is how I began dealing with sexuality and physical disability.
Once I posed naked. I acted in a porno film. There’s no better proof than that that we disabled people want to have sex. I gave lectures about it to psychologists, psychiatrists, girl students, gynaecologists and various representatives of disabled people’s organisations. No one took me seriously.
In my late teens I wrote a book in which I started thinking about the body. My ambitions are modest: to live a quality life in which sexuality will play a part.